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New Music by Oakland Composers

February 26, 2019

What does Oakland sound like? A lot of things! some of those sounds and styles will be on display this Saturday March 2nd at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Oakland at 7:30.

Last year, one of my favorite local composers and the music director of St. Paul’s, Derek Sup, and I started the Glenview Classical Series, and this New Music by Local Composers Concert is the next installment. This concert will feature 2 of Derek’s substantial works: “Tapestries” for flute, viola, cello, and piano, and “Introduction and Allegro,” for viola and piano, featuring the founder of Voila Viola and OSA faculty, Justin Ouellet.

Mia Bella D’Augelli, one of my long-time collaborators in the The Town Quartet and my good friend, has been ramping up her activity as a composer, and I’m so pleased to feature several of her pieces at this concert. You will hear her “Trio no. 1 for Flute, Violin, and Piano,” her “Quartet No. 1 for Flute, Violin, Cello, and Piano,” “Heavy Tread;” a duo for violin and cello, and more duo pieces for various combinations of instruments already listed. She achieves a great variety of sounds and textures, including some of the my favorite 12-tone music I’ve ever heard.

Renaissance woman, Ariel Wang, is an incredible creative force. You might know her from her Eponymous prog-folk-rock band, or witnessed her playing violin at gigs around town, or seen her visual art in the form of posters or paintings, or perhaps you or someone you knows studies violin, guitar, keyboard, or lacrosse with her. She not only writes hypnotic songs for her band, but also composes for us classical nerds. We’re performing a set of original music for string quartet, some of which is whimsical, dramatic, and/or quite beautiful.

Musical secret-agent, Moses Lei, is contributing a captivating piece for solo flute called “Snowy Woods,” performed by the illustrious and brilliant Sasha Launer. She is a flute-playing badass and you should keep your eye on any project she graces.

Speaking of Sasha, she and I are performing my “Duo for Flute and Cello,” a 4 movement work. I think this is one of my best pieces, and since flute pretty much just plays one note at a time, I make full use of the cello’s polyphonic capabilities. If you’re a fan of my old metal project Judgement Day, you will enjoy it. While, at times, the tonalities justify the lack of key signature, I think it’s ok for new music to have melody and consonant harmonies, so there’s plenty of that.

Ok, that’s my spiel. Please consider attending! Please consider inviting your friends, or even randos you encounter on the street. Eternally grateful,

Lewis Patzner
Poster by Michelle Ruttimann

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