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Lots of Bach


I’ve been programming 2 monthly series of concerts this year: Glenview Classical Series (with Derek Sup) at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Oakland, and the Bach Project, mostly at the Musical Offering Cafe in Berkeley. This month both concerts are Bach concerts!

Friday 9/20 7:30pm at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Oakland 1658 Excelsior Ave, Oakland, CA 94602 Sprezzatura Cello Quartet Plays J.S. Bach. Glenview Classical Series presents a program of music by J.S. Bach, performed by the Sprezzatura Cello Quartet. This is an encore performance of Bach Project VIII (part of the ongoing Bach Project at the Musical Offering Cafe in Berkeley), and will feature arrangements by deceased Bay Area cello legends, Collin Hampton and Laszlo Varga, as well as living Bay Area cellist, Lewis Patzner, and others. The Sprezzatura Cello Quartet consists of cellists, Ed Baskerville, Misha Khalikulov, Crystal Pascucci, and Lewis Patzner.

Tuesday 10/1 7:30pm at the Musical Offering Cafe 2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 Bach Project IX: Music for Flute, Cello and Harpsichord. I’m excited to add some variety of instrumentation to the Bach Project, and this time I’ll be playing with Ellie Falaris Ganelin and Rebecca Boblak on flute and harpsichord, respectively. I’m going to play some transcriptions for solo cello as well as the flute sonata in e minor with the whole group. We’ll also hear a keyboard fantasia and the CPE Bach solo flute sonata.
In other news, I’m working on booking some more performances of my original music, and will announce those soon! Thanks so much for your support!
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August ’19 East Bay Shows

Yo Yo, Mah Homies!

More shows are happening! Please allow me to inform you on the details!

Wednesday August 21st 8pm Cosa Nostra Strings is playing at Strings! 6320 San Pablo Ave. Emeryville CA. This is a really special private venue and I think if you are going to see us anywhere, here is the ideal setting. We’re playing world premieres by Adam Theis and Keith Lawrence, in addition to the first performance of the unabridged version of my “Deep State” series. Do you like war? Me, I think we are fighting too many wars, selling too many weapons, getting too many innocent people killed, and generating too much wealth for a select few. Rehearsal today was truly magical, so please consider coming and telling your friends! Doors at 7:30.

Wednesday August 28th at 7:30 is Bach Project VIII: Cello Quartets, at the Musical Offering Cafe in Berkeley. 2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704. Yes, that’s the 8th installment of this series of music by J.S. Bach! I personally love listening to and playing cello quartets, (4 cellos) and I also love Bach, so this is like, double-love! In all seriousness, the cello quartet is a unique sound that is truly fabulous in its rich tones and expressive potential. Joining me are Ed Baskerville, Misha Khalikulov, and Crystal Pascucci. We’re playing arrangements by deceased Bay Area Cellists, Collin Hampton and Laszlo Varga, as well as living Bay Area cellist Russ Bartoli and his friend, Peter Lang (see Bach Project VI), AND a few of my own arrangements! Putting a lot of work into this one.

Friday August 30th 7:30 is Glenview Classical Series: Britten and Purcell at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Oakland. 1658 Excelsior Ave, Oakland, CA 94602. Glenview Classical Series is getting CHEEKY with a night of British 20th century and baroque classical music. The program consists of works by two of the most important English composers: Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) and Henry Purcell (1659-1695). This ambitious concert will include pieces for choir, vocal solos, organ, strings, and oboe, including Britten’s 17 minute cantata, Rejoice in the Lamb, and his Phantasy Quartet; as well as movements from Purcell’s Fairy Queen and King Arthur.

Crossover Cellist Ep. 26

What’s up world, There’s a new episode pf the Crossover Cellist available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other good podcast hosts, or here:

“Members of the Town Quartet, Corey Mike and Jacob Hansen-Joseph, talk about our upcoming string trio performance at the Musical Offering Cafe in Berkeley July 24th at 7:30PM, the 7th installment of the Bach Project, featuring the Mozart/J.S. Bach/W. F. Bach Preludes and Fugues, and the 15 sinfonias. We also talk about Corey’s NES arranging project, Jacob’s Reicha edition project, and a variety of classical music topics. Would Vivaldi have been “Me Too-ed”??? Who is the French Brahms? Who is the Beethoven of the flute??? At the end we hear the 3rd sinfonia, recorded just before this conversation.”


Here’s links to the event page for the 24th.

Late May/early June ‘19


I decided to take a break from performing… Psych! Here’s some upcoming performances:
May 28th 7:30PM Bach Project Part V at the Musical Offering Cafe 2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.My good friend and frequent collaborator, Jacob Hansen Joseph, and I are each playing a solo suite and joing forces to play a rather difficult solo violin sonata. The one in C. Yeah, THAT one! Event Page

June 1st 7:30PM Glenview Classical Series Presents Solaris Trio at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Oakland 1658 Excelsior Ave, Oakland, CA 94602. We’re playing my original piano trio, a piece of which I’m very proud. We’re also playing music by Evan Price, Benjamin Godard, Chausson, Debussy, and Mahler.  Joining us is my good friend and frequent collaborator, Jacob Hansen Joseph, on viola. He’s playing on the Mahler Piano Quartet and the 2nd movement of the Chausson Piano Quartet, one of my favorite pieces for that instrumentation. It’s that beautiful French Romantic sound we all love. Event Page

June 2nd 6PM Town Quartet plays Kiki’s Garden Potluck Partis. 1715 Peralta St, Oakland, CA 94607-1615. We’re playing the Derek Sup String Quartet, Mia Bella D’Augelli’s “Short and Crunchy” Duo for Violin and Cello, classic rock arrangements by Jacob Hansen Joseph, the “Metroid Suite,” arranged by Corey Mike, and my 6 Short Quartets. Event Page
June 7th 8PM Ariel Wang plays the Ridgeway House with La Dee Da, Little Arcs, and Whiskerman. 204 Ridgeway, Oakland CA. This is going to be a super dope house show. Ariel’s set will have string quartet and feature a bunch of stuff from her upcoming album that’s in the works as I type! Did you take note of the line-up? It’s gonna be SUPER DOPE!!!
June 9th 8PM Cosa Nostra Strings at the Back Room 1984 Bonita Ave, Berkeley, California 94704. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite local venues. Great sound and vibes. Also playing is Darren Johnston’s new(?) project, The Pipes. Event Page
June 28th 7:30PM Glenview Classical Series Presents: Composer Arranger Performer Orchestra at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Oakland. 1658 Excelsior Ave, Oakland, California 94602. CAPO is a string orchestra that plays music written and/or arranged by its members. We’re playing a substantial piece of mine called “Fiasco!” Also on the program is an incredibly beautiful piece for piano and orchestra by Derek Sup. You will love it!  Event Page
I’m also playing 2 more Groupmuses (classical music house concerts). May 26th in SF and June 4th in Oakland.
Also, all of these events benefit from you bringing money. Just saying…
Thanks so much!

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April ’19 Shows

Guess what I’m blogging about!?!? Yes, shows, concerts and performances, and lots of the them. And guess what else?!?!?! You’re invited!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st, I encourage you all to check out and consider attending one of my 3 events listed there. Each one is a different group and will feature some of my original music. There’s: Tuesday 4/9 7pm Cosa Nostra Strings in Richmond. Sunday 4/14 7pm Greek Music Project in Berkeley, and Thursday 4/18 7pm Proteus Trio in Kensington. A Groupmuse is a classical (Or at least half-classical) house concert. I tend to play these every once in a while so it wouldn’t hurt to check the website every now and then. There’s lot’s of other great events listed as well!

OK now for the public events!

Friday 4/12 7pm Musical Art Quintet at Swedenborgian Church: 2107 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94115. Musical Art Quintet is playing a benefit for InnerMusic SF, which used to be San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, a great organization that supports and provides fiscal sponsorship for a lot of local groups. They also give out a lot of grants that support the local music community. Musical Art Quintet is a former grant recipient, and thus, we are playing this year’s benefit concert. Event page

Saturday 4/13 8pm Composer Arranger Performer Orchestra at Peralta Station Annex: 3003 Peralta Street, Oakland.Also know and CAPO, we are a string orchestra that plays our own music! We don’t perform very often, so when we do, it’s very special. We’re playing 2 of my originals and one of my arrangements of a song by Ariel Wang. Check out the event page for more details.

Wednesday 4/17 7:30pm Bach Project Part 4: Goldberg Variations at the Musical Offering Cafe: 2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704. This is with Nigel Armstrong and Jacob Hansen Joseph. The Goldberg Variations is one of J.S. Bach’s massive achievements in the realm of keyboard composition. It translates beautifully well for strings, and the performers are top-notch. Event page
Wednesday 4/24 7:30pm Town Quartet at the Musical Offering Cafe: 2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704. Town Quartet plays the unique and stylish Verdi Quartet, his only piece in the genre, and Schubert’s last (and totally amazing and my favorite) string quartet, the “Great” Quartet in G major. I’m serious, the nickname is “Great.” Event page
Thursday 4/25 7pm Proteus Trio ALBUM RELEASE at Freight and Salvage: 2020 Addison St, Berkeley, CA 94704.The Proteus Trio, a crossover jazz trio with Evan Price and Jonathan Alford, is releasing our album of mostly original music! My music on there! Evan is a 2-time grammy awards winner from his time in the Turtle Island Quartet, and last time we played the Freight, the concert was voted “Best Jazz Performance of the Year” by SF Classical voice. Not to be missed! Event page
Saturday 4/27 7:30pm Glenview Classical Series presents “Messiaen, Influenced and Influence” at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Oakland: 1658 Excelsior Ave, Oakland, CA 94602. This a concert of music by Messiaen and composers that inspired him, including Debussy and Ravel, as well as composer that he inspired, like Ligeti and Xenakis. The program will feature different combinations of violin, cello, piano, organ, and voice. Event page
Sunday 4/28 7pm Musical Art Quintet plays Music on the Hill: 101 Gold Mine Drive San Francisco, CA. Musical Art Quintet is a crossover jazz string quintet, and we have an exciting program of fun and interesting music planned for this concert, including some of my original quintet music! event page
Tuesday 4/30 7pm Musical Art Quintet at Congregation Emanu-El: 2 Lake Street at Arguello Street, San Francisco.The Musical Art Quintet perform the World Premiere of Sascha Jacobsen’s Kanta Judezmo, an oratorio using Jewish melodic themes with motifs and rhythms from Spain, North Africa, the Middle East, and South America, that tells the story about the Sephardic diaspora through the lens of its central female character, with universal threads that traverse centuries, borders, language, culture and genre. This is a huge collaboration with guest musicians and dancers. Event page
Also, have I mentioned I have a podcast? Its called “The Crossover Cellist,” and on it, I interview my friends and colleagues about our various musical projects. Listen to my latest episode with Matt Montgomery here, and keep a lookout for more! The next episode is with Crystal Pascucci, and it is imminent.
OK thanks so much! I hope to see you at one (or some, or all) of these events!

Spring ’19 concerts

Many, many concerts on the horizon!
This Wednesday 3/20 7pm the Bach Project continues at the Musical Offering Cafe with pianist, Elektra Schmidt, pianist/poet Mauro ffortissimo, and myself. The program is English Suite in A minor, Solo Cello Suite in C Major, Sonata for Viola da Gamba (or in this case, cello) and keyboard in G Major, and a selection of of pieces with spoken word accompaniment. All music by J.S. Bach.
Next Wednesday the Solaris Trio (Corey Mike, Anastasia Reshetikhin, myself) performs at the Musical Offering Cafe at 7pm. The program is the great Brahms Piano trio in C Major Op. 87, the unfairly rarely heard Fanny Hensel – Mendelssohn (sister of the more famous Felix) Piano Trio, and my original Piano Trio. I’m particularly proud of this piece. Its 4 contrasting movements.
Friday and Saturday the Glenview Classical Series continues at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Oakland with 2 concerts of concertos on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th, both at 7:30. I’m playing a Telemann Overture Suite that is very cool.
Also, my crossover group, Cosa Nostra Strings has some shows coming up. We’re playing Manny’s on Valencia is SF March 24th with Lilan Kane, and a groupmuse (classical music (in this case half classical) house concert) in Richmond April 9th. Come hear me sing a baroque lament!
In fact, I have a few groupmuses coming up. check out for more info.
more complete calendar:

Wednesday 3/20 Bach Project Part 3 with Elektra Schmidt and Mauro ffortissimo at the Musical Offering Cafe. 7pm

Sunday 3/24 Cosa Nostra Strings at Manny’s SF 6pm

Wednesday 3/27 The Solaris Trio plays Mendelssohn-Hensel, Brahms, and Patzner at the Musical Offering Cafe. 7pm

Friday and Saturday 3/29 and 3/30 Concerto Club Symposium VIII at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Oakland. 7:30pm

Saturday 4/13 Composer Arranger Performer Orchestra performs at a dope private warehouse space in Oakland. Doors at 7:30pm. Stay tuned for details.

Wednesday 4/17 Bach Project Part 4: Goldberg Variations with Nigel Armstrong and Jacob Hansen-Joseph. 7pm

Wednesday 4/24 Town Quartet plays Verdi and Schubert G Major at the Musical Offering Cafe. 7:30pm

Thursday 4/25 Proteus Trio album release concert at Freight and Salvage. Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm..

Saturday 4/27 Music by Messiaen and his friends and students.


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